rawraw-1When asking around about Southbeach Outlaws 6’2 280lb defensive tackle/defensive end, Jonathan “J Millz” Miller, the consensus is pretty much the same all around, “One of the best guys to ever play the game.” The 31yr old, San Lorenzo High School graduate, who signed with the Idaho Vandals and later transferred to Missouri Western State University on a full ride, began his career in semi pro with the NorCal Lawmen in 2010 and then played two years with the Contra Costa Razorbacks before joining the Southbeach Outlaws in December of 2013, to “play with my friends.” The former rapper, known as Jonathan “Flyguy” Miller, states that being a part of Southbeach means alot because, “I have went to battle with my brothas and watched us come together as 1. This means everything to me. Blood Oath is not a game, I am Southbeach and I’m representing for that D-line. You feel me?” He says the best part about being with Southbeach is that “they don’t be about money, the love for the game is real. If you’re in a jam, they will look out for you. It’s a WE feeling and not just I.” Jon sees Southbeach as being “one of the biggest powerhouses for years to come, if we continue to come together and do this sh** the right way and stop cheating the Football Gods.” He says, “Last year was last year, and the year before was just the year before the last. I’m talking about the future and what’s coming to me now. Lol RFU.” He would like to be remembered for “the way I play the game, the way I hive it 100% and my passion. Yall gone remember the speed no matter what, the knowledge I have for technique, play formations and snap counts, the swag and how I was a real n**** all around.” Jonathan Miller will definitely be remembered by everyone as ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN SEMI PRO and has this message, “I’m bringing the BOOGIE BACK THIS YEAR #EASTSIDE 98 PROBLEMS.”


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