Player Spotlight- Ya Hemi

IMG_0651IMG_35539120940737“A great leader who loves the game.” “Plays hard, no matter what. Even plays injured to help his team win.” “A veteran that’s known and respected all around the NorCal semi pro world.” These are quotes given by fellow players, when asked about the 6’2, 215lb defensive end for the Southbeach Outlaws, Anthony “Ya Hemi” Edwards. The 36yr old from John F. Kennedy High School in Richmond, who later attended Contra Costa College, has been one of the driving forces behind the success of the Southbeach Outlaws in his going on 3yrs with the org. When asked the best thing about being a part of Southbeach, he stated, “Family. Southbeach means, loyalty, dedication, and striving to be the best. Southbeach is one of the best organizations in NorCal.” Coming from the 2009 team MVP for CCB, and the 2006 and 2010 league MVP for the PCFL, that is saying alot. He will be retiring at the end of the 2016 season, and says he would like to be remembered as “One of the best to ever play the game.” His advice to “new recruits”, is “If you’re not willing to give 100% and believe we”re the best, and that we have a blood oath with this fam, you need to leave right now and don’t waste ours or your time.” With 3 MVPs, 2 league championships, a national title, and all the talent and respect in the world from the semi pro community, 2016 will be his final yr. None will miss watching him play, as much as his 9yr old daughter, Akoni, who said she “Loves to watch my daddy play and play with my friends at the games.” When asked what she loved most about her dad, she stated, “He’s very nice and never says no.” When I asked her if there was one thing she could say to him, what would it be, “I love him very much.” To all of us, he may be a superstar, but to Akoni, she will always be Daddy.

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