Player Spotlight-City P

IMG_976968950708529Screenshot_2015-10-31-18-24-28To have a voice that can impact those on and off the field, is a challenge in itself, but to be able to do it in two completely different ways and stay humble at the same time, is near impossible. Yet, Rob “City P” Sherman, the 5’11, 279lb defensive lineman for the Southbeach Outlaws and popular Bay Area rapper, seems to do it with ease. After winning the PCFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2012 with the Golden State Giants, he came over to the then East Bay Outlaws. Not long after joining the squad, Rob and another player founded the ‘Avenger’s Defense’, and history was made. The next season, 2014, the Southbeach Outlaws went on to win the PCFL championship, with the ‘Avenger’s D’ leading the way.  Rob states that his biggest accomplishment in semi pro to date, is”Being a leader on a championship team comprised of men that I love and respect. I am grateful that I got to do it, and I got to do it in fine style.” His advice to new “recruits” is to come, “Mentally and physically prepared. Competition is really strong, so you have to gain and keep that trust. You have to be ready to sacrifice your personal glory for the goal of the team. You have to be open to harsh criticism. You have to be able to perform and thrive under pressure. And. you have to put work in on your own and be able to keep up and have fun because that’s our style.”  He sees “#RFU, #HappyHalloween every Saturday for qbs and rbs, the #AvengersD being who we are and being a POWERHOUSE that people will speak of with reverence years from now” in Southbeach’s future. Rob would like to be remembered as a “Good friend and teammate.Every year people talk about who is the best, and I feel honored and blessed to see my name brought up for the past 5yrs, especially since I’m kinda undersized at this position. But more so, I’d love to be remembered as someone who took the time and cared enough to prepare for the sake of the tea. Someone who pooled all his resources to play the best he could.” Rob Sherman embodies all the attributes that enable him to be the great football player, teammate, leader, rapper, friend and man that he is. He is truly a Superhero.

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