Player Spotligh- Dot Vinson

12336099_1662806727291629_159496871_n34406_41018397_swz20150328191111jcotting_1_xw5xHigh school captain, two yrs. Freshman MVP and 1st Team All Conference. Senior 1st Team All Conference. Freshman and Sophmore 1st Team All Conference Chabot College. Gateway Football and Academic Scholarship. Scholarship to University of Arkansas Monticello(UAM). Team captain and MVP. 3 NFL combine invites. Semipro champion. Not many can boast a resume like this, especially at the age of 27, but Southbeach Outlaws defensive end, Terrill “Dot” Vinson does and then some. Formerly known as rapper “Relly Dot”, Dot has been with Southbeach since their first year. Having been brought over by his brother Thad, who says playing with his brother is the best because, “you get to share in everything together.” He also stated that his brother plays “every down like it’s his last and is the most passionate person I know when it come to football and he will fight for every player on his team.” Coach Nick Iano commented, “If I were to have a team, Dot is the first person I’d want on my team.” The former All American high school wrestler, wants all “new recruits to make plays and shut up.” He would like to be remembered as the “GOAT” and has this advice for all haters, “BLOCK ME!” You can’t talk about Dot Vinson, and not mention the woman that has been by his side since high school, Patricia, who has enjoyed watching him “grow from a teenager into a man. Dot is from the projects, and he became an educated man who loves football, a great family man, who is now giving back to today’s youth.” She states that their son Juju and Dot can have have you “laughing all day.” With their new addition, Jeremiah Armani, coming soon, there’s no doubt Dot Vinson’s legacy will live on through his sons.



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