Player Spotlight: Thad Vinson


When it comes to football players, Thad “All Purpose” Vinson, is considered to be one of the elite. Not only is he a superior athlete on the field, he has earned his respect off the field as well. I have not come across anyone who has had anything negative to say about the soon to be 31 year old Balboa High School graduate. After attending the College of San Mateo, he began his semi pro career in the spring of 2005. Before coming to Southbeach, he played on teams such as the Alameda Knights, California Warriors, Pacifica Islanders and the Bay Bucs. In 2013, his team at the time, the Bay Area Noles, had nowhere to play, some of the players joined with the then East Bay Outlaws. The next season, the Southbeach Outlaws were born. After only two years, the Southbeach Outlaws claimed their first championship in 2014 against the Capital City Fury. Although this was not his first ship, Mr. Vinson stated that this was the “first time it felt real. The team as a unit, shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears the entire season and I felt it in every joint of my body.” His advice to rookies is, “If you come to just play football, I advise you leave now. This is a foundation. This is a livelihood. This is a family.” In 2015, his goal is not only to repeat, but to build the Outlaw name. When he retires, he would like to be remembered “for the love I have for the game, the hard work I put in, and the love I show toward other teams. I want to be remembered as a true baller in the game of football.  Lastly, Mr. Vinson would like to advise all upcoming football players to “go to school first. Try to make to the NFL first. Don’t just settle for semi pro because it will always be here. There’s a lot of guys that should be in the NFL but aren’t because they settled for semi pro. Be smart, take care of your injuries and never take this game called football lightly.”

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